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Ang pinakahihintay na kasalang Serena at Tenten

After the long wait, Tenten (Enrique Gil) and Serena (Liza Soberano) finally met in front of the altar and exchanged wedding vows, as shown on Friday in the finale of the hit ABS-CBN teleserye, "Dolce Amore." 

Amid all the challenges they went through, the two learned to forgive and move on. Tenten finally welcomed his mother, Luciana (Cherie Gil). 

And yes, they couldn't be happier as all their significant others were present in the wedding. 

In her wedding vow, Serena recalled how she transformed from being a sheltered princess into an ordinary girl who found her prince charming in a traffic-stricken country. 

"Walang nagsabi sa akin that prince charming can come in different forms. It can be a frog. It can also be a musikero na kilala din as an ultimate 'Raketero ng Tondo,'" she said. 

"Prince charming can be anyone. He can also be someone who believes that French wine is better than Italian wine or worst, someone who believes in silly stories about alitaptap being diwatas." 

Despite Tenten's imperfections, Serena believed that he is her prince charming-- that he is the one. 

"Tenten, you may not be a real-life prince, but you have charmed your way into my heart. Even though sometimes I feel like I was lost," she added. 

Tenten, for his part, recalled how Serena joined him in his journey from being a young raketero to becoming an influential businessman. He also shared how Serena inspired him to pursue his passion for music. 

"Alam mo, walang nakakaalam nito pero ikaw ang nag-encourage sa akin para i-pursue ang musika. Dahil sa'yo, dahil sa saya at lahat ng komplikasyon na dala mo, dahil sa'yo I found music. Pero alam mo na-realize ko lang mali pala ako. It's not because of you that I found music in my life dahil ikaw, ikaw ang musika ko, Serena," he said.