Kathryn at Daniel inseparable sa Iceland!

September 25, 2016
Kathryn at Daniel inseparable sa Iceland! 940x280

After Barcelona, New York and Malaysia, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla invade Iceland!

The two were just inseparable after their photo shoot for Mega Magazine's #CelebrateMegaIcelandwithKathniel today, September 25.

As described by Mega Magazine, Kath and DJ's photoshoot in Iceland will be of epic proportions.

Aside from the beauty of the location, Kathryn and Daniel's natural closeness will warm you with love amidst the freezing surroundings.

Daniel who has always been a gentleman, made sure that his "Bal" is perfectly fine. He even gave her a lift to avoid the wired borders as they walk further to take more pictures.

Daniel was also captured putting back Kathryn's gloves and yes, you're right, holding hands pa more!

Ace photographer Mark Nicdao also shared a video of them holding hands while walking beside the road.

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A sneak peek of Daniel's photo shoot was also shared by Mega Magazine.

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Also caught in the act is Kathryn, watching Daniel's photo shoot from a distance.

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But it looked like a photo shoot as well! Ugh, ang ganda mo Kath, hustisya please!

Fans surely can't wait for this one!

Kathryn and Daniel are starring in “Barcelona: A Love Untold”, now on its second blockbuster weekend! Hurry and watch it in cinemas!