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1. Do I need a credit card in order to shop at ABS-CBN Store (www.abs-cbnstore.com)?

No, you do not need a credit card to be able to shop at ABS-CBN Store. While payment via Credit Card is the most commonly accepted mode of payment in online shopping, we understand that you may have other payment preferences. That is why we are happy to announce that our store accepts the following modes of payment:

  • Credit Card;
  • PayPal; and
  • Cash on Delivery (COD).


Check out our FAQs on PAYMENT METHODS for more information on the above payment options.


2. What are the other requirements for me to shop at ABS-CBN Store?

You will be required to provide some personal information necessary to process and deliver your order.

To experience the best shopping experience however, we suggest that you create an account with ABS-CBN Store by clicking on the “Register for an Account” link on the main page, or by signing up prior to checkout.

With your ABS-CBN Store account, you will be able to view a snapshot of your recent activity or purchases, and update your account information.


3. What is the currency of the prices listed on the website and will the prices be inclusive of taxes?

All prices posted are in Philippine Peso (PHP), and are inclusive of all applicable taxes.


4. Can I pay using another currency?

Currently, we only use Philippine Peso (PHP) in our sales. However, if you pay using an international credit card (credit card issued outside of the Philippines), you may be charged in your local currency. Please note that payments using international credit cards may require special verification from our payment gateway, iPay88.


5. I live outside the Philippines. Can I buy from ABS-CBN Store (www.abs-cbnstore.com)?

Yes, you can purchase items from ABS-CBN Store online as we offer international shipping.


1. How do I browse through the products?

You may browse through ABS-CBN Store in two ways:


  • By Product Category– click on the column on the left side of the page to browse through the different kinds of products offered by the ABS-CBN Store (adult apparel, kids’ apparel, novelty items, jewelry, etc.). We offer a wide range of products so be sure to go through the list to find the type of item you are looking for.
  • By Program/Campaign– Our site offers a Search function so that you can draw up a list of items for your favorite Kapamilya program or celebrity. Just type the program name you are looking for, and the site will display all the products for that program.


2. How do I place an order?

  • Select the product that you wish to order, decide on the size and quantity, and then click on the "Add to Cart" button. Your browser will automatically redirect you to your Shopping Cart page upon doing this. Should you wish to add more item(s) to your Cart, simply click "Continue Shopping"
  • Once you are ready to proceed and are satisfied with your chosen items, just click the “Go to Checkout” button. If you are a new customer, you may checkout as a guest. If you have already created an account before, you may continue simply by logging in with your email address and password.
  • Enter your billing details. Next, if your delivery details are the same with your billing details, leave “Ship to this address” ticked. Otherwise, untick “Ship to this address” and input the corresponding shipping/recipient details.


3. How do I pay for my order?

On the Payment page, you will be asked to choose one from the following modes of payment:

  1. Credit Card;
  2. PayPal; or
  3. Cash on Delivery (COD).


  • Once you have chosen and completed all required data, click “Place Order Now.” A summary of your order will be presented to you. You can opt to edit your details or continue shopping if you wish to make changes to your cart. If you are fully satisfied with your order, click “Make Secure Payment Now” in order to submit your purchase (See PAYMENT METHODS for more details). Please note that once your order has been submitted, it cannot be altered.
  • For customers paying with a 3D secure card, you may be directed to a window where you will be asked to key in your 3D-secure pin.
  • Upon successful verification of payment, you will see a “Payment Successful” page on your browser, including details on your order. As proof of purchase, you shall also receive two emails, one from our payment gateway, iPay88, and another from ABS-CBN Store.
  • For customers paying via COD, additional instructions will be sent to you via email on how to complete your order.


4. Can I still place an order if the item is marked “Out of Stock”?

No, we only accept orders for items that are readily available in our warehouse. You may check our site after a few days to see if the item has been re-stocked, or text ONLINE <space> CONCERN to 23661 for more information.


5. How will I know that the order was placed successfully?


  • Credit Card and PayPal

If you pay via credit card or PayPal, an e-mail confirming the purchase shall be sent to your registered email address upon completion of the payment process. You shall also receive a confirmation email from iPay88, our official payment gateway.

  • Cash on Delivery (COD)

If you elected COD, a “New Order” notification will be sent to  your registered e-mail address upon submission of a COD-based order. You will be notified by our third party freight forwarder once your order is ready for delivery.

Please note that COD Service is available only for delivery addresses in Metro Manila and parts of Rizal, Cavite, Bulacan, and Laguna.


6. Can I still make changes to my order after it has been processed?

We are sorry but after the order has been invoiced, you can no longer change your order. However, when you receive the item, and you are not completely satisfied with it, you can choose to return the item in exchange for store credit. Please check our FAQs on RETURNS for more information.


7. Payment was successful but I suddenly changed my mind about my order. Can I just cancel the order?

Any order that has been invoiced can no longer be cancelled or modified. You may simply reject the order when it arrives. Payment will be refunded in the form of store credits. For queries on cancellation of orders, please e-mail your concerns to [email protected] or text ONLINE <space> CONCERN to 23661 and our Customer Service team will reach out to you.


8. Can I order a product online to be shipped as a gift to another person?

If you wish to send your purchase as a gift to another, simply enter the recipient’s personal details in the spaces provided under the Shipping Information. Please keep in mind that the delivery of gift item(s) is only available for those paying throughPayPal and card payments. COD is not accepted for this service. The recipient is required to sign a waybill as confirmation of receipt and proof of delivery. For this service, we reserve the right to request for a valid government-issued ID to ensure safekeeping of your package and to deny delivery in case the recipient fails to present a valid government-issued ID.


9. What happens when the recipient fails to present a valid government-issued ID during the delivery?

Should you fail to present a valid government-issued ID, we can withhold delivery of your order, and you shall be charged with the delivery cost for the re-delivery of your order.


What are my payment options?

On the Payment page, you will be asked to choose one from three (3) modes of payment: Credit card, PayPal or COD.


Credit Card and PayPal

ABS-CBN Store accepts payment by credit card from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB International cardholders. We also accept payment via PayPal.

If you choose credit card as your payment method, you will be required to fill out fields not limited to the following in order to successfully place an order:

a. Card Number;

b. Card Expiration Date; and

c. Security Code/CVV.


Depending on your circumstance, you may have to pay additional exchange rate costs and fees as charged by your credit card issuer. We will not be liable for any costs associated with exchange rates or bank fees.

You will be notified through your registered email once your payment has been processed and completed.


Cash on Delivery (COD)

If you wish to pay cash upon delivery of your orders, you will need to agree to the Conditions of Service that will appear upon checkout (see italicized statements below). By ticking the box at the end, you agree to pay the full amount indicated in the order invoice, and to accept all items included therein. Please note that COD service is available only for delivery addresses in Metro Manila and parts of Rizal, Cavite, Bulacan, and Laguna.

The Conditions of Service is supplementary to the ABS-CBNstore.com Terms and Conditions and other site provisions, and will apply only when you opt to pay your order upon delivery of the package to the registered address.


Conditions of Service

By ticking the box at the end of this Agreement:

• You agree to pay the full and exact amount of the purchased item(s) as stated in the order’s invoice when paying via Cash on Delivery (COD), including the applicable Shipping/Delivery Fee.

• You agree to accept all items included in the purchase as stated in the invoice.



All the rights, immunities, and limitations of liability in this Agreement shall continue to have their full effect in all circumstances notwithstanding any breach of contract or of any conditions hereof by ABS-CBN Corporation and www.abs-cbnstore.com.


1. How many days will the delivery take? How long before I receive my orders?

Deliveries within Metro Manila will take three (3) to five (5) business days, while deliveries outside Metro Manila will take seven (7) to ten (10) days. We will do our best to deliver within this timeframe. However, delivery schedules may change due to national holidays, inclement weather, or other unforeseen instances.


2. Can I have my orders delivered to my office address?

Yes, you can. Our store can facilitate deliveries to either your home or office address. Just make sure that you type in all the details of your preferred delivery address when you place your order. If you will not be able to personally receive the item, kindly prepare an authorization letter for the person who shall receive the items on your behalf, together with a copy of your government-issued ID, for validation purposes. You or your authorized representative will be required to sign the waybill as confirmation of receipt and proof of delivery.


3. What if I am not available to receive the purchased item(s)?

If you are not available to personally receive your package, just leave a valid government-issued ID and authorization letter to the authorized recipient. Please note that in all circumstances, the recipient is required to sign the waybill as confirmation of receipt and proof of delivery. We reserve the right to request for a valid government-issued ID from your authorized representative to ensure safekeeping of your package. All items included in the purchase and as stated in the invoice SHOULD be accepted and paid for.

Please note that an order is entitled to three (3) delivery attempts. After the third attempt, the items will be returned to our warehouse. The order shall be cancelled and you will need to place a new order.


4. How much is the delivery/shipping fee?

Shipping fees will vary depending on the size and weight as well as the delivery destination (Metro Manila or provincial). For items that will fit inside the basic pouch, shipping fees are around Php79 for Metro Manila and Php149 for provincial.

Nevertheless, the corresponding delivery/shipping fee for your order shall be indicated in the summary of your order prior to payment.


5. How do I follow up on my orders?

Follow-ups can be made by texting ONLINE to 23661, sending [email protected] an e-mail, or through direct messages via our official social networking site (SNS) accounts (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ABSCBNStore/; Twitter: @ABSCBNStore) .


6. Can I track the delivery status of the item(s) I purchased?

For status updates on shipping, you may track your orders by entering the Tracking Numbers on our couriers’ website.


1. Does ABS-CBN Store allow return or exchange of items?

Yes, ABS-CBN Store allows return or exchange of damaged or defective items.


2. Does ABS-CBN Store allow refunds?

Yes, ABS-CBN Store allows refunds only on the following grounds:

  • Delivery of the wrong item not due to your fault or negligence; and
  • Defective product.


All requests for refund shall be subject to investigation and approval of ABS-CBN, whose decision shall be final.


3. How long after I received my purchase can I return or exchange a damaged or defective item, or request for a refund?

We accept returns, exchanges or requests for refund within seven (7) days from the delivery of the item. Please note however that such requests are not automatic, and shall be subject to investigation by ABS-CBN Store.


4. What are the steps in returning or exchanging the item(s)?

You may return the item either by:

  • Taking the item to ABS-CBN Store’s main branch at the Ground Floor of ELJ Building, Mother Ignacia Street, Quezon City. You may exchange the item for another item of equal or lesser value; or
  • Texting ONLINE <space> CONCERN to 23661.


You must ensure that the item is unused and is in its original, undamaged packaging. You will also be required to present the email confirmation and/or sales invoice as proof of payment.

Please note that item(s) for exchange shall be subject to ABS-CBN Store’s assessment upon presentation of its invoice and its complete packaging.


5. I received the wrong item, what should I do?

If you received the wrong item, text ONLINE to 23661, e-mail [email protected], or send us a direct message through our official SNS accounts and a Kapamilya Care Specialist will get in touch with you and arrange the return of the merchandise, if deemed returnable.


6. What do I do if I want a refund because I received the wrong item or the item delivered was damaged or defective?

You can email your request for refund to [email protected]


7. Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you may cancel your order before it is invoiced.


8. What if I changed my mind after my order has been invoiced?

You may reject the orders at the door, and just request for a conversion of your payment to online store credits. Please note however that the delivery charge shall be deducted from your payment.

You may contact our customer service at [email protected]  or text ONLINE <space> CONCERN to 23661 to resolve issues regarding order cancellation.

Beyond this, you can no longer cancel your order and withdraw the payment made.