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  1. Darna Pillow

    Darna Pillow
  2. Round Keychain - Clark Design

    Lea (Nadine Lustre) grew up in a very poor but happy family. When she was 12 years old her mother Rona (Isay Alvarez)went to the USA to work so that their family will have a better future. After a while life became better for Leah, her sister Tiffany(Bianca Manalo) and Mang Sol (Joel Torre) her father. But tragic news will change their lives forever. Lea's mother, Rona, had an accident and died.
  3. OTWOL, button pins, couple (JADINE)

    OTWOL - Button Pinis an exclusive merchandise of the Most Kilig Teleserye of 2015 On the Wings Of Love. Led by Nadine Lustre (who plays the role of Lea) and James Reid (who plays the role of Clark Medina) who made a deal initiated by Clark's aunt, Tita Jack so Lea can obtain a green card and be able to find the body of her Mom. Eventually their role play would turn into a reality and fall in love with each other. Embrace this Kilig Moments of Lea and Clark by purchasing the newly designed OTWOL - Button Pin. Buy now KAPAMILYA! :)
  4. OTWOL - Happy Memory Box w/ photo

    OTWOL - Happy Memory Box w/ photo
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4 Item(s)